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Tone Finger Ease


Tone Finger Ease is the Original String Lubricant since 1963.

A must have for any guitarist or bass player.

What does it do?

  • Extend String Life
  • Easier, Faster Fretting
  • Reduces String Noise
  • Reduces Finger Tenderness
  • Use on Steel, Nylon or Gut Strings

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The original guitar string lubricant since 1963! A favorite among many musicians! Reduces friction between strings and fingertips and increases string life. Smoothes fingertip calluses. Harmless to guitars!

Finger Ease is the professional choice for string lubrication. Suitable for use on Steel, Nylon and gut strings. Finger ease reduces finger tenderness and conditions callouses to prevent snags. Allows for faster frets changes and reduces string talk.

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Weight.3 kg
Dimensions16 × 5 × 4 cm
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