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Steinberg Nuendo 8 Post-Production DAW – Educator Pricing


Nuendo 8 represents the most advanced audio post-production digital audio workstation available today. Providing unique features for game audio production, TV and film post-production and ADR workflows, ranging from an improved integration with game middleware over creative tools for sound designers through to a highly flexible direct offline processing system, Nuendo 8 truly is the new standard for audio-to-picture work. Educator Edition – requires instution ID with purchase

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Steinberg Nuendo 8 – The modern solution for audio post-production

Representing the most advanced audio post-production software environment available today, Steinberg Nuendo constantly reconfigures expectations of dedicated software for audio post. TV post-production requires fast, convenient handling of recurring production elements such as specific sounds, effects or even Nuendo projects themselves. Nuendo has everything on board to facilitate this workflow, including the ability to save clusters of audio clips for returning elements in a TV series, extensive batch rendering options, MediaBay content management system as well as post-production workflow-oriented editing features. Nuendo is also the No.1 choice in audio-post for film production. By having the world’s most professional surround mixing console, VCA fader technology, a film-mixing automation system, extensive routing and metering technologies onboard, alongside a dedicated video player engine, Nuendo provides outstanding mixing results in studio-grade quality.

Premier mixing solution and high-quality plug-ins

The Nuendo MixConsole is the most modern surround mixing console available today, allowing you to mix any TV-series or film production, from smaller projects up to hundreds of tracks for a blockbuster movie. The console provides up to 22.2 surround support and includes a multitude of surround panners for film mixing. To keep track of the mix, Nuendo‘s MixConsole allows you to store and recall any channel configuration as a preset. The channel visibility configuration and the channel zones allow you to define which channels are to be displayed and how they are arranged. Other features include drag-and-drop of virtually any setting between channels and the direct routing feature, allowing you to create different mix versions of any session in one go. Also on board is A/B comparison of plug-in settings.

MixConsole History

Ever wanted to compare different mixes with just one mouse click? Allow us to introduce you to MixConsole History. It’s a great new feature that tracks all changes made in the MixConsole and easily lets you choose several stages of your mixing process just by selecting them from a list. This means you’ll be getting your basic mixer undo/redo, but it also allows you to experiment freely with which mix suits your project best.

Integrated channel strip

The integrated channel strip lets you turn your productions into an expressive sound experience with richly nuanced dynamics. Right at the beginning of the signal chain you get a complete set of high-pass and low-pass filters plus noise gate with sidechain support to help keep your signals free from interference. The four-band parametric StudioEQ combines a natural sound with utmost usability due to its built-in spectrum analyzer. The compressors alongside the transient module provide you with the necessary control over the dynamic structure. While you enjoy the warmth of the tube or tape saturation, a Brickwall Limiter always ensures that no clipping occurs. All channel strip modules can be rearranged in case a different processing chain is needed.

VCA fader support

The VCA fader technology allows you to create a second mixing “layer” within the Nuendo MixConsole — perfect for arranging or merging stems or single audio tracks in large mixing projects. VCA faders in Nuendo 7 not only assist you in creating complex mixes for film and TV projects, they also enable more advanced automation workflows using the Combine VCA fader automation feature which merges the automation curve of a VCA fader with the automation curve of a controlled fader or fader groups. Implemented as an additional workflow independent of the track linking function, VCA faders let you take full control of individually selected tracks.

Professional plug-ins for even the most demanding mixes

Nuendo’s plug-in arsenal contains more than 80 high-quality plug-ins perfectly made for even the most demanding projects. Among them are the renowned StudioEQ, the Anymix Pro surround panner, Nuendo’s Post Filter tool, which is ideal for finding and removing unwanted noise in dialog or location recordings, the REVerence convolution reverb as well as a multitude of EQs, dynamics, distortion, modulation and up and downmix plug-ins.

Film-mixing style automation system

The Nuendo automation system is based on functionality found in traditional large format film-mixing consoles. The fully customizable automation panel provides access to all automation functionality and settings. Features such as individual punch out modes per channel, Fill commands for writing automation to end, start, punch or loop, a Preview Mode, Automation Suspend for read and write, and much more come together to form the most sophisticated automation solution available today. Additionally, a dedicated “passes” section allows you to make several variations of written automation for a certain parameter. Nuendo also allows you to continuously write automation in cycle mode until a desired result is achieved. The printing of static automation is also supported, while the Snapshot option lets you easily try out several mixing variations.

VST MultiPanner

VST Multipanner is an immersive-sound panning system. VST MultiPanner provides full support for formats such as 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos, which enables sound to move in a three-dimensional space. The VST MultiPanner provides a 2D-Top View and a 3D-Rear View, displaying the audio sources, which can be linked together or can be grabbed individually to perform several movements including signal rotation, such as tilt or rotate. To easily create bottom-top pan movements, several elevation patterns are on hand.

Dolby Atmos support

The VST MultiPanner provides Dolby Atmos support, including a channel-based 9.1 bed-mix and an object-based Dolby Atmos mix when using a Dolby RMU. In Bed mode, the panner offers the same functions as if it is used without an RMU and allows you to create the audio bed of your Dolby Atmos mix, while in Object mode, the panner pans audio objects.

For utmost flexibility, you can change an audio channel between Bed and Object modes even at a very late stage in the project and without the need to reconfigure the entire track setup.

Auro 3D support


The VST MultiPanner in Nuendo not only supports Dolby Atmos, but can now also be used for mixing Auro-3D: mono, stereo and surround channels can be panned to Auro-3D.


The MixConvert V6 of Nuendo 8 is capable of up and downmixing Auro-3D mixes. Dolby Atmos 9.1 beds can be converted to Auro-3D and vice versa.

Frequency EQ

The Frequency EQ plug-in delivers exactly that what you’d expect from a tool designed to enhance your productions, giving you options of microscopic audio surgery. Frequency offers eight bands, M/S support and Linear Phase mode for each band, Auto Listen to listen in on the adjustments you just made, Spectrum Display and even a musical keyboard to help you find the right tone.

Loudness under control!

In the past years the demand for loudness-based mixes has been increased dramatically. Many broadcasters meanwhile only accept loudness-mixed audio content. Nuendo comes with a fully integrated Loudness Meter, capable of measuring Integrated, Momentary and Short Term loudness. This enables you to deliver in EBU-compliant formats — be it a ten-second advertising spot or a one-hour TV show. While common loudness tools only display specific values in real time, Nuendo also includes an offline loudness track. The loudness curve is written via offline analysis on a separate track based on short-term loudness, which shows EBU-compliance of the entire material at once, including true peak indication.

Nuendo’s loudness processing feature lets you export your loudness mix quickly and efficiently. This feature caters not only to industry-standard EBU values (-23 LUFS) but any user-defined loudness level. True peak values for rendered audio are also user-definable.

Tailored editing for audio post-production workflows

Editing to picture with Edit Mode

When editing audio material it is important to know that the editing process is in line with the video material on video frame level. Nuendo’s Edit Mode is extremely helpful for fine-tuning the audio event placement to picture. When editing audio material, Nuendo offers a frame-accurate representation of the video at exactly the position at which the audio needs to be edited. Since the video follows each edit you make with the mouse, you can instantly see whether your audio edit matches the picture. This makes editing to picture fluid and more creative.

Multitrack Editing

Nuendo offers an effective way to group audio events to individual folders. Afterwards, the multi-track editing feature can be used to cut, fade, trim — and pretty much any other type of editing you can think of — all tracks of a folder in one go. All events included are physically handled as one single track. Even if you want to copy already edited audio material from one scene to another, Nuendo offers the easiest possible way to perform this action: select one and move them all!

Saving time and effort, the function “Track Edit Group” allows multitrack editing with single-click actions. When recording ambient sound, for example, it is common to record signals from different microphone types on separate tracks. With Track Edit Groups activated, related tracks are tied together and can be edited at once, making this new feature a huge time-saver in the studio.

Advanced comping and lane editing

Nuendo comes with a Lane Track concept for lightning fast multitake comping. When recording several takes in Cycle mode, Nuendo instantly creates a Lane Track for each take. Simply swipe across the best parts of a take and Nuendo automatically creates a master take that contains all selected parts. For comfortable comping, each Lane Track sports a solo button and full editing functionality.

Nuendo TrackVersions. Playlists upgraded.

Playlists are known as an indispensable part of the modern studio workflow. Nuendo‘s TrackVersion feature provides more workflow efficiency than other playlist solutions. Create, rename and manage parallel versions of the same track or tracks and use them to compare takes or create alternative versions of your recordings while keeping all track settings. Interfacing perfectly with existing track handling features like lanes, the flexible TrackVersions feature will significantly speed up your workflow.


VariAudio offers completely integrated vocal editing and pitch alteration of individual notes in monophonic vocal recordings and can solve intonation and timing problems. VariAudio analyses the entire vocal melody and transcribes each individual note, allowing for control over the melody and intonation. VariAudio is also able to automatically correct the intonation of vocal lines by quantizing the Pitch and Micro-Pitch of an entire track, including multiple or single notes to a user defined harmonic scale and time resolution.

Direct offline processing

Nuendo brings the offline processing workflow to a higher level. The new direct offline processing allows you to apply your most often used processes and plug-ins as a chain for one or multiple selected clips. Auto Apply lets you use offline processing with the feel of real-time effects, but without the CPU load — keeping your MixConsole clean for the mixing stage. You can copy your process chain to other clips or save it as a preset to use it in other projects. The list of processes is always available for each clip, allowing for later non-destructive changes. Any change will be applied to all selected clips.

Integrated re-conforming solution for TV and film post-production

Film and TV editors will be all too familiar with this scenario: a project with all its audio files perfectly matches the picture, but suddenly a re-cut version arrives from the video editor. Incorporating the changes can take days of work — which is now reduced to minutes. The re-conforming algorithm of Nuendo detects picture changes on the basis of EDL comparisons and generates a change list used to perform the re-conform process. Before the process starts, Nuendo provides a preview of the expected result, allowing you to check if the re-conformed material will be arranged as you expect. Intelligent algorithms help retaining uncluttered edits and therefore support cleaning up the project after re-conforming was applied.

Advanced project collaboration

Merging Nuendo projects

Merging different projects is an important step in any film-production workflow. The new “Import audio tracks from project” function makes it easy to transfer audio tracks including all audio events and related track data from one Nuendo project to another. Launch the Nuendo target project and select “Audio tracks from project” in the Import menu. You can now choose the project from which you’d like to import the tracks. Now simply determine whether the audio events should appear on new tracks or if the material should be added to existing tracks as a new track version. And of course, all relevant data including plug-ins, routing and automation data are transferred, too.

Compatibility with other audio and video software

Nuendo offers extended format compatibility. Exchange data with video and audio production systems using AAF files, connect to third-party hardware via the EuCon adapter and export in AES31 and OMF formats. Furthermore, Nuendo supports more than one dozen audio file types on import as well as video files, CSVs, EDLs and music XML files.

Advanced rendering and exporting functions

Render Export

Rendering a selection of audio assets to disk is a huge timesaver when handling large amounts of audio files. The Render Export feature exports a freely selectable section of audio and MIDI files to a hard drive, either as separate events, as block events or as one file. Specify what the rendering process should take into account: from the pure, dry file to the entire signal path effects. The powerful automatic naming scheme option lets you determine how the rendered audio files are named. In addition, the Render Export dialog allows you to set options such as bit resolution, the storage path as well as a tail size for the audio file to allow for reverb responses.


The render-in-place feature allows you to quickly bounce a user-defined selection of multiple MIDI and/or audio parts for re-integration into your Nuendo project. The bounced audio events will appear on a new audio track with all effects settings copied over from the original source track including intact event boundaries.

Automated Batch Export

Exporting audio files is a necessity during an audio production process, in modern productions it may even replace tape-style dubbing completely. Nuendo’s Channel Batch Export function offers the possibility to create audio files from all channels or freely selected groups of a project in one go. The program even allows the editor to export spotted scenes of a project that can be selected in the Export Audio Mixdown menu. Of course, Channel Batch Export is able to automatically export scenes, regions and even snippets of sound effects or pieces of audio material in one go. All exported files can be fed to a network server and can be saved as one new project, containing only the exported files.

MediaBay: Integrated content management system

MediaBay is Nuendo’s content management system, which empowers sound designers and editors in TV and film post-production to find the sound event needed within seconds. MediaBay offers full control over sample and FX libraries from within Nuendo, with lightning-fast browsing, searching and retrieving of media files, including audio and MIDI files, video data, project files as well as instrument and plug-in presets. The files can be organized in a folder structure and at the same time be outfitted with a variety of predefined or user definable attributes. MediaBay also includes a preview function that makes it easy to use specific portions of a longer audio event and drag these into the Nuendo project.

MediaBay can also be used to index and access tagged sound libraries on external hard drives. A sound editor can capture a catalog database via indexing the library containing all tags and metadata.

Sound Design

Sound Randomizer

Time is a precious commodity. That’s why Nuendo is there to do the tedious work for you — automatically. Instead of duplicating and altering thousands of sounds manually, the new Sound Randomizer creates different variations of a sound simply by adjusting four parameters. The plug-in changes pitch, color, timing and impact of an audio clip creating completely new sounds and saving you loads of hours of repetitive work.

HALion Sonic SE 3

HALion Sonic SE 3 is a stripped-down version of HALion Sonic 3 without giving up on sound quality and accessibility. The streamlined VST workstation lets you load and play a plethora of sound content: the SE libraries shipping with Steinberg’s digital audio workstations, VST Sound Instrument Sets for HALion and the custom user libraries created within the HALion 6 sampler and sound.

Retrologue 2

With many new features and improvements, Retrologue 2 has taken a big step forward, keeping its remarkable warm and raw analog sound. An additional envelope, a third oscillator and new polyphonic LFOs are just some of the enhancements in the synth section. The highly flexible arpeggiator and five brand-new FX, with the classic three-band Resonator leading the way, open up new possibilities for over 400 fresh presets that show off what Retrologue 2 has in store for you.

Premium sound content

Pro Sound Effects library

Nuendo comes with about 2 GB of sound effects (24-bit/48 kHz wave files including some 5.1 audio files) from the Hybrid Library 2017 by Pro Sound Effects. The library is fully searchable and licensed to you — 100% royalty-free.
Categories include Animals, Emergency, Fire, Foley, Horror, Household, Human, Impacts, Industry, Office, Science Fiction, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Warfare, Water and many more.

Production Grooves

Production Grooves feeds your Groove Agent with over 400 drum loops and presets for all contemporary styles of music. Whether you want to have basic drum accompaniment for a songwriting session or garnish your rock with some serious beef: Production Grooves gets you there!


Sampler Track

The new Sampler Track allows you to turn any audio file into an instrument. After dragging a sample from MediaBay or your project onto the Sampler Track, you can play it chromatically and apply on-board filters and controls to manipulate its sound. Included is Caleidoscope, a dedicated sample library with hundreds of sounds and presets.

Score Editor

The Score Editor is a full notation environment completely integrated after installing the Nuendo NEK lets you view your music in the form of scores, with full support for just about all symbol, display and editing options that this entails. With support for lyrics and remarks as well as drum notes, guitar tablature and lead sheets, the Nuendo Score Editor includes hundreds of professional notation symbols: simply select the tools needed to create fully professional score layouts for others including soloists, orchestras and choirs. Thanks to the full Music XML Import/Export support, even exchanging scores with other notation packages is only a matter of seconds.

Drum Editor

The Drum Editor is a highly intuitive yet powerful window for constructing and reworking beats, rhythms and grooves, offering a plethora of features to let you come up with the perfect groove.

Audio input and side-chaining for VST 3 instruments

The new Audio-Ins option offers you the opportunity to send audio to VST 3 instrument plug-ins supporting side-chaining. This will increase your creative sound design possibilities tenfold.

Workflow centric: Nuendo’s user interface

Visibility management

Nuendo contains sophisticated track visibility management. Huge projects containing hundreds of audio tracks can easily be managed by dynamically displaying only the tracks you actually want to see. Using the same approach as the channel visibility management first introduced in MixConsole, various View Agents help you by instantly bringing the right tracks into focus. In addition, Nuendo allows you to configure the user interface according to your needs thanks to the show/hide scheme for several functional areas of the Nuendo surface.

Rack Zone

MediaBay and the VST Instrument Rack can be displayed to the right side of the Project window. The Rack Zone gives you more time to focus on your creative flow and declutters the display’s real estate by reducing the number of open windows you need to manage. MediaBay assets can easily be pulled via drag & drop into the Nuendo Project window without having to open yet another window.

PlugIn Manager

The Nuendo plug-in manager lets you arrange, sort and group your effects and instruments either at the top level or in custom submenus, making your plug-ins easier to find and letting you focus on what’s really important. Create multiple collections as sub-sets of all installed effect and instruments and switch easily between them.

Key commands and macros

Nuendo provides utmost flexibility by allowing you to determine key commands for virtually any essential function within Nuendo. You can also create macros for frequently performed tasks.

Workflow and stability enhancements

Nuendo introduces several new features that further emphasize stability, making the Nuendo experience a reliable one —and more comfortable as well.

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