MXR Timmy Overdrive


The MXR Timmy Overdrive is a collaboration between MXR and Paul Cochrane.


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  • 3 Clipping Modes
  • Treble and Bass Controls
  • True Bypass
  • MXR Mini Pedal Casing


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MXR Timmy offers a huge range of gritty textured tones that preserve your original tone. All built in to a mini MXR Housing, the MXR Timmy Overdrive will free up plenty of real estate on your pedalboard.

The MXR Timmy is indeed based on esteemed pedal builder Paul Cochrane’s original Timmy Overdrive. Built in collaboration with the MXR Custom Shop.

In aiming to serve a wider audience, Paul Cochrane chose the MXR Design team. “It’s an honor to work with MXR,” Paul says. “My first ever pedal was a Phase 90.”


About the Timmy Overdrive

Thanks to Paul’s inventive implementation of clipping options and tone controls, the Timmy Overdrive is a dream come true for working guitar players. The Clip switch provides three different clipping styles for a multitude of scenarios. Whether you need a big, bold always-on sound with a ton of headroom to slam the front end of your amp, a more compressed and saturated sound for fat chords, or anything in between. The Bass and Treble controls offer further refinement in two key ways. First, they’re cut-only, keeping your signal’s character intact while making it super easy to dial in a clean boost. Second, Paul wired the Bass control to affect your pre-OD signal so that you can your maintain low end at lower Gain settings and the Treble control to affect your post-OD signal so that you can adjust the top end to keep dirty settings smooth and musical.

Finally, the MXR design team worked with Paul to select an op-amp that perfectly complements his expertly crafted design. They chose the LF353, a component well-respected by Dunlop engineers for providing high output, high gain, and hi-fi signal delivery. The resulting MXR Timmy Overdrive is a professional-grade must-have for players who want sweet, harmonic breakup that responds to playing dynamics and maintains a rig’s personality at a fraction of the standard pedal size.


Check out the MXR Timmy Overdrive below:




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