Steinberg Cubase Artist 11 Digital Audio Workstation


Cubase Artist 11 offers a range of proven editing and sequencing tools based on the same core technologies used and appreciated by musicians around the world. It is a cut-down version of Cubase Pro, with a few more useful inclusions than Cubase Elements.

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With a rich feature set tailored to instrumentalists and songwriters who put music first, Steinberg Cubase Artist offers all you need to develop your songs and productions from scratch. Streamlined recording and vocal editing tools, inspirational composing features, superb virtual instruments, FX, amps, and much more — Cubase Artist offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring artists seeking its equal in price and quality.

The superior audio recording and editing capabilities in Steinberg Cubase Artist let you get the very best out of your recordings in the fastest and easiest way. Conjure the perfect take out of the lane tracks with the dedicated comping tool. Create and compare different variations of your songs with TrackVersions, and perfect your audio recordings in real time with AudioWarp time-stretching, pitch-shifting and warp quantize. Just hit record and let creativity flow.

Are you looking for harmonic inspiration? With Chord Pads and Chord Track in Cubase Artist you have three intelligent compositional tools at your side that offer a playfully and creative approach to beautiful chord progressions and advanced harmonic voicings. In addition, VST Expression 2 gives you a revolutionary approach to create and edit instrument articulation and dynamics for each individual note for a much more natural feel and absolute accuracy.

Cubase Artist delivers an impressive palette of VST instruments and effect processors for audio and MIDI right out of the box. Whether you’re looking for the lush sounds of Padshop, analogue synth madness that seeps from Retrologue 2, the highly acclaimed rhythmic diversity of Groove Agent SE 4, top-notch audio processing with the REVelation reverb or VST amps for guitar and bass, there are endless possibilities in Cubase Artist that open up to musicians and producers.

Cubase Artist comes with a licencing USB dongle allowing you to install Cubase on any number of computers, as long as the USB dongle is plugged in.



  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz, flexible routing and full automatic delay compensation
  • Simultaneous playback of 64 audio tracks, 128 MIDI tracks and up to 32 physical inputs and outputs
  • MixConsole for pro mixing desk experience and integrated high-end channel strip with dynamics and EQ
  • Comprehensive set of 8 outstanding instruments with over 3,000 sounds, including HALion Sonic SE 2, Groove Agent SE 4, Padshop, Retrologue 2 and LoopMash 2
  • Suite of over 70 high-end audio and MIDI VST effect processors, including Pitch Correct for vocal editing, VST Amp Rack and VST Bass Amp guitar and bass tone suites, Quadrafuzz v2 and many more!
  • Intelligent compositional tools like Chord Track and Chord Pads for creative and playful composing of harmonic progressions and advanced voicings
  • Thousands of MIDI construction kits, audio loops and samples as building blocks to create sketches, play-alongs or even full songs with just a few clicks
  • Lightning-fast multi-take comping with the dedicated lane tracks and the click-and-drag comp tool for conjuring the perfect recording
  • TrackVersions for playlists-like editing and render-in-place for easily bouncing MIDI and audio parts
  • Streamlined music notation and score editing feature set

Cubase version comparison

Ideal for: Professional producers, mixing engineers, composers Ideal for: Seasoned musicians, project studio owners, bands Ideal for: Home recordists, bands, singer/songwriters, creative musicians
64-bit floating-point audio engine with up to 192 kHz and 5.1 surround support 64-bit floating-point audio engine with up to 192 kHz 64-bit floating-point audio engine with up to 192 kHz
256 physical inputs and outputs 32 physical inputs and outputs 24 physical inputs and outputs
Record and mix unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks Record and mix up to 64 audio and 128 MIDI tracks Record and mix up to 48 audio and 64 MIDI tracks
Unlimited instrument tracks 32 instrument tracks 24 instrument tracks
64 VST instrument slots 32 VST instrument slots 16 VST instrument slots

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