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Our instrument team at Binary Music carry out basic instrumental servicing and restrings on site. We repair all types of guitars as well as ukuleles, violins, mandolins, and banjos. Subject to inspection, our current prices are as follows:


Standard Service: $40

  • Condition Fretboard
  • Polish Frets
  • Restring and Clean
  • Inspect Electronics
  • (strings not included)

Premium Service: $50

  • Condition fretboard
  • Polish Frets
  • Restring and Clean
  • Inspect Intonation
  • Inspect Electronics
  • Check and tighten all Fittings

Basic Guitar Setup: From $90

  • Condition Fretboard
  • Polish Frets
  • Replace bridge pins (Acoustic Only)
  • Check and adjust intonation
  • Check and adjust action
  • Including Premium service

Custom Setup and Repairs: Price per Quote

  • Fret Dress
  • Electronics clean
  • Rewire to spec
  • Pickup Installation
  • Re-gluing
  • Finish Restoration
  • Custom Paint
  • Repair/Replace Tuners
  • Other Services also available.

* Instruments only accepted for repair subject to inspection *

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